One of the Most Distinguishing Landmarks in Carnarvon.

One of the Most Distinguishing Landmarks in Carnarvon.

As we reached Carnarvon we were only too aware of how windy W.A can be, this was obvious by the trees and wind nets in place to protect agriculture here.  Be sure to pack a kite 😉  If you are heading South from Karratha as we were it’s worth stocking up on supplies in Karratha, water is limited for this 600km stretch and we saw milk at a record high of $4 for 600ml.  Take advantage of the mainstream supermarkets in Karratha and you will be set as we mentioned here Fed Up On The Road!

It's cheap, interesting and educational.

It’s Cheap, Interesting and Educational.

One of the most distinguishing landmarks in Carnarvon is it’s massive satellite dishes, you will  notice them before you even reach the city limits.  If you are science and space buffs like us, you will love the Space and Technology Museum here.  We found the cost was very reasonable at $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for school age children.  Here you will learn just how instrumental Carnarvon was in some early NASA space missions and most notable the landing on the moon.   We loved it with a large section dedicated to controls used in the era and some displays are interactive in nature, always a winner – especially for the kids.  Climb inside a space capsule and get in touch with your inner astronaut.

Christmas in Carnarvon, a Christmas we will remember!

A Christmas we will remember!

Carnarvon also offered us the perfect place to spend Christmas, just metres from the beach.  Can you guess what we paid for this?  Free – no suprises there.  The wonderful free camping spot 30kms South of Carnarvon at Bush Bay was a ripper.  The Beach there has a very slight gradient so at low tide you can walk out very far.  Some of the best sunsets we have seen on this trip occured there too.  We were impressed by the lack of rubbish considering there was limited facilities on site, it was nice to see campers with respect.

Enjoying the Chrissy Prezzies.

Enjoying the Chrissy Prezzies.

This was one Christmas that this family will never forget it was quite windy the first couple of days but then lovely.  Not to populated either when we were there.  As you head out of Carnarvon you will notice an information bay, this also has a place you can refill your water.

We headed from Carnarvon to Hamelin Pools where we saw the Stromatolites.  This is something we had been looking forward to for a long time as we were aware of their significance for life on Earth.   The doco Earth: Making of a Planet  is a National Geographic film and one we have watched many times on our trip, it was here we first heard of these building blocks of life in the Stromatolites.

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The Roaming Rowes even hosted their first ever Giveaway from the Bush Bay Free camp and it went like this:

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  1. Bruce and Shirley

    Love reading your stories and seeing a family enjoying our beautiful country.We are grey nomads, and hopefully heading to the west later this year.

    • roamingrowes Post author

      Thank so much for your kind words of support Bruce and Shirley. We have loved the West and wish you the very happiest and safest of journeys.

  2. Vic Wyborn

    The roaming Rowes are most certainly making the most of their journey.
    The kids are experiencing life on the road, some thing a multitude of suburban kids will miss out on.
    The kids will have a much better education and will have life long memories of their adventure.
    My wife and I, have met with other families, travelling and enjoying what nature has in store for them.
    Australia, a wonderland of excitement. Enjoy and stay safe.

    • roamingrowes Post author

      Vic we have called you wise before but we really appreciate your wisdom. Our travels have really opened our eyes up to just how big and beautiful this wonderful country is. As we get closer to home we are ready for the next phase of life and this trip has improved our zest for it and our children’s appreciation for life itself.

    • roamingrowes Post author

      Bron, Thank you it is the positive and encouraging comments like yours that make us inclined to share more. We are typically private shy people but feel really passionate about making the most of the precious time we have in life, and seeing more of this spectacular country in the process.

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