Avon Valley

Sculpture near the Julimar Strip turnoff.

Sculpture near the Julimar Strip Turnoff.

We don’t want to beat a dead horse but it’s got to be better then beating a live one, Western Australia is so RV friendly and the free or low cost camping options are amazing.  The Avon Valley region in W.A. just outside of Perth is seriously worth exploring.  Towns like Toodyay, Northam and York and hard to beat for friendly welcoming people as well as so much to see and do.  If you are lucky enough to be in this area around September, you will be in for a wild flower extravaganza (us on round 2).

Connors Mill, Toodyay - W.A.

Connors Mill, Toodyay – W.A.

You could easily spend a couple of days in each of these beautiful country towns, when in Toodyay there are a few must do’s, they include:

There is a sizable children’s playground right next to the river too, although we spent little time in Toodyay (this time) it was well worth a mention.

Packed with Culture, History and Information.

Packed with Culture, History and Information.

The beautiful town of Northam is well worth visiting, they have a simply fabulous Visitor Information Centre that is literally packed full of history, culture and information on things to do in the region.  When we say it’s RV friendly we mean it has a sizable area to park for day use right next to the Visitor Centre with ease of access to a water refill point, dump point and even electricity access… how RV friendly do you want it!!!

We love supporting towns that are RV friendly, so we took the opportunity to shop at one of those mainstream supermarkets; where we did a sizable shop like the one’s we spoke about here all within a short walking distance of the Visitor Information Centre .  Big mainstream supermarket prices in the friendly laid back surrounds of Northam – we loved it!!

Brilliant Displays at Northam, W.A.

Brilliant Displays at Northam, W.A.

There is much to explore in Northam whether it’s a brief stop or a weekend visit, some of these include:

  • Railway Museum
  • Historic Building Tours
  • Luxury Train Rides
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Farm Stays
The River Walk and Suspension Bridge is Superb.

The River Walk and Suspension Bridge is Superb,  The Fountain adds to the ambiance at Northam.


The town river walk and suspension bridge is a must, the stroll allows you take in the natural beauty of Northam with it’s lovely wildlife.   Complete with a large fountain that puts on an even greater show if there at night, where it lights up.  We truly loved Northam, after escaping the hustle and bustle of our wonderful Perth experience; Northam was definitely more our speed.

History of the Area Showcased.

History of the Area Showcased.

Not only is the Northam Visitor Centre a treasure trove of information booklets and the like, it boasts friendly staff who are only to happy to spend some time working out how your time is best spent in the region, regardless of your budget.  The displays showcase the rich history from the war era, during this time large army bases were built including a hospital that catered for wounded Australian and American soldiers.  Comprehensive displays on the immigration boom where over 30,000 migrants first called Australia home in Northam.  A section also explores the first Australian history in the area, including some fantastic art pieces too.

Northam is the largest inland town in the Avon region, and the largest inland town that is not founded on mining yet maintains a rural, friendly, relaxed feel – The Roaming Rowes loved it here!

Residency Museum in York is a must!

Residency Museum in York is a must!

Another Gem of the Avon Valley region is York.  Driving into York you get an immediate sense of just how old the town is with it’s splendid historical buildings on display.  If you do one thing in York make sure it’s visiting the Residency Museum originally a convict depot constructed in the 1850’s this place now showcases the towns rich history.  Aboriginal culture in Ballardong and Noongar history is showcased as well as convict, ceramics and beautiful gardens to be admired.  Hands on activities are always a winner especially if you have kids and there is no shortage of fun family entertainment to be had, see for yourself here.

How RV Friendly do you want it? at York - W.A.

How RV Friendly do you want it? at York – W.A.

When it comes to RV friendly the Avon Valley region well and truly checks the box.  I mean how RV friendly can it get with a stunning view overlooking the local river,  with clean facilities, dump point, playground, individual water refill point complete with free power box and all of that for a FREE 24 hour stay in York.  Next time you hear someone saying it’s hard to free camp in W.A. – tell em their dream’in.

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