Ali Curung

Rowe Kids having an Inma, and loving it.

Rowe Kids having a celebration, and loving it.

We have clocked up the k’s in the N.T and met many a nice folk. Today we had the privilege of spending some time with the mob at Ali Curung, they are amongst some of the warmest, friendliest and nicest people so far.  The arlpwe art and culture centre was fantastic.

Click Logo to explore their site.

Click Logo to explore their site.

We noticed the signs for the community on our travels along the Stuart highway on our way down to Uluru, after a google we found a wicked song and clip made by a group of local youngsters with the help of Desert Culture. We loved the song so much that we found ourselves singing it as a family, we hope you enjoy it a much as we did and please share it around.

Only about 40 k’s from Karlu Karlu (The Devil’s Marbles) on the way back up we decided to explore the place of Dog Dreaming at Ali Curung. We had a truly enriching experience filled with Aussie culture, tradition and learning.


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