The Dream was Born

Life’s a journey. Life is what you make it. Life is yours for the taking… Just jump in the driver’s seat and steer it exactly where you want to go!!  To start at the beginning would require too much effort and contain way too much irrelevant information. Just know this – we’re dreamers.  So way back in 2011, the dream of travelling Australia as a family began in the back of a small classroom. There I was listening to a teacher feeling a little uninspired by her “mentoring”. As I was about to nod off I noticed two caravans pull up across the road – those people looked happy, infact they looked positively blissful! By the time I had driven home to my husband and kids, the beginnings of a daydream had firmed up to a solid maybe one day! Our initial conversation went something like this: “So I want to do something crazy but I really want you to take me serious”. Hubby says warily “Ok”, I want to take the kids out of school and travel Australia as a family” … Needless to say I love his adventurous spirit, he agreed excitedly and we spoke about it as fact before making it happen this year – right on schedule.


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  1. Malcolm Robertson

    Did you save up before you left?
    Are you working as you travel?
    It all sounds great to me.

    • roamingrowes Post author

      Thanks Malcolm for your questions. Like any dream we did have to plan, save and work towards it. We are low socio-economic and had to make it happen for ourselves. We had very little savings when we set off but were proficient in living extremely frugally. We had worked hard in various jobs for over a decade since leaving school. This enabled us to get a very modest house and mortgage. We still pay this mortgage on the road. This year was about stepping outside the box and into our dreams and in the process improving our future employment prospects. It was about giving our family quality time together and memories that would last a lifetime. With that said we are currently full time students, full time home schooling our kids and full time travelers. It has been one of the best decisions of our life without question. On our return we will have a fresh outlook on life, a degree and a mindset to secure the best paying jobs of our life. Sometimes taking the first steps out of the box are the hardest, but life is finite and we wanted to live one that we loved. Good Luck mate and we hope to catch you on the road soon 😉

      • Michelle Smallwood

        You and your family are truly inspirational! Enjoy this wonderful country of ours and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

        • roamingrowes Post author

          Those words just made our day!! 🙂 Thank you very much Michelle, you are a treasure.

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