What a Shocker

Imagine my surprise when doing a routine check under the car and van at Midge point and discovered that the shock absorber needed repair.  Not only had it spat off it’s somewhat aged locknut and rubber, but had also popped out of its position!! What you see in the pic below is what I saw upon inspection, Holy crap!

What a Shocker

After placing my eyeballs back into my head, I realised it had managed to even rub against the tyre intermittently; the wall of the tyre illustrated this.  What a shockee (pardon the pun) I got, at this point I thanked the universe, my lucky stars and of course the ole girl herself in the lil red rover. Even the shock absorber itself showed the battle scars, the line you see on the yellow is quite a deep metal on metal grind. It’s about at this point I realised although Land Rovers don’t have the best rep ours sure was made of the right stuff.  As our mate Stevo pointed out just prior to leaving, an old Land Rover ad campaign was ‘Get bigger nuts, get a Land Rover’; when it comes to our rover, pretty sure it has some big cahonas!


So what to do I thought to myself, not in a position to get it professionally fixed to the tune of a quoted $600 that also couldn’t be done for several days, I scratched my head and on with the job.  First examined the shock itself, ensuring it still functioned alright despite the scar up its side, tick! worked a charm.  Now all I needed was a new Locknut and some shockee rubbers; genuine ones were going to cost $50 and again a wait of several days for them to be sent out.  Weighing it up, I decided to take a trip to the closest discount auto part shop which yielded the locknuts I needed and I ran with a some harder compound rubbers designed for another more popular make of car. Everything went back together just fine, so well I redid the other side at the same time.


Shockee Fixed.So just to recap, $30 dollars later and a couple of bruised knuckles and we just saved ourselves over $500 dollars and a week. Can’t keep a good Rowe-ver down!

2 thoughts on “What a Shocker

  1. Troy

    You are such an inspiration to all buddy, never to give up or say no to any task without first some serious consideration, and then some more pondering, and finally, a lot of bloody guts and determination. Oh Boyney!!!

    • roamingrowes Post author

      Thanks for the kind words mate, sometimes I think perhaps more consideration could be taken, but in doing so we may NOT step outside our comfort zone. Let me reflect on the first 10 minutes on day one of our trip to demonstrate my point. There we were having just left home… literally! So we come to the very first hill leaving Killarney, the car is pouring out the blackest smoke I have seen from a car; the car is unable to do more then 40km/h. It ain’t looking good, we push on, get to the top of the hill and pull over at the golf club. Annie and I jump out not to alarm the kids and call an emergency parent meeting where the agenda was, what in blazers are we going to do now. We laughed at ourselves, we freaked out a little but we really did not want to turn back now, I mean we were not even out of our home town Killarney. So it was decided we would just drive on, talk about crazy, as it turned out I just needed to learn that the diesel car just needed less acceleration and more momentum. At the time of the black smoke and 40km/hr I thought, oh my the rings in the engine were shot and it was tools down. If we had pondered it much more and considered what was wise we would have turned around, instead we threw caution to the wind and just did it. We are better for the decision today.


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